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Providing you the best range of cnc press brake bending job work, sheet metal bending job work, cnc press brake services, sheet metal fabrication work, industrial ms fabrication work and press brake bending jobwork with effective & timely delivery. We offer CNC Press Brake Bending Job Work as per the specified requirements of the clients. We are well aquinted with the manpower and tools required for providing perfect service with quality. We do keep our workers updated with the new proceeding and functioning of machines and new models coming in the market.

CNC Press brake machine produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials using a CNC press brake, a computer numeric controlled (CNC) piece of equipment that makes precision bends, punches, or cuts into material. CNC Press breaking operators look blueprints or plans for the finished product, make adjustments to the machine to control speed, material feed and path of the cut, as well as make sure the machines are set up properly, working well, and producing quality product. We make sure our machines are working at full capacity, are stocked with needed materials, well-maintained and perform periodic checks on output. We analyse the finished product to ensure it is defect-free and ready for the next step in production.


This CNC press braking machine is high-efficiency and high-precision in bending sheet metal. Using different kinds of upper and lower dies can bend all kinds of job work pieces. One slider travel makes a sheet bending and the intricate shape work piece may be achieved through bending many times. When fitted with related equipment’s, it can be easily used to punch holes.


The CNC machine structure is welded with steel plate, with appropriate strength and rigidity. The drive prevents the machine from serious overload operation accidents caused by the change of sheet thickness or bad choice of lower die cavity. Additionally, this CNC press breaking machine is also featured by the steadiness of work, convenience of operation, and reliable safety.

The design meets streamlined design. The fuselage eliminates internal stress by hardening and ensures excellent precision and strength. All CNC machines are designed using solid works programming to make workable high rigidity and the whole work scientific.The series automatic sheet metal electro hydraulic press breaking machine using CNC control system is help to increase productivity obtained. The latest high frequency response hydraulic press breaking technology, high speed, high efficiency and high precision.